Improving Email Signatures With Unique Designs For Each Department

An email signature is a powerful and very versatile tool for you and your team. When creating a signature design, you have the opportunity to consider the context of the signature’s user and the way the potential customer is likely to interact with it. Each department has the opportunity to use its signature designs to reach particular goals.

Signature Design Tools Signature Builder


Get control of your HTML Email Signature

Signature Builder eliminates all of the inconsistency that comes with employee turnover, changing roles and updated details.

With a live API connection to your team, the email signatures remain unaffected by the dynamics of your company.

HTML Email Generator

Change signatures for your entire team.

Change your team branding settings and apply them to your HubSpot Users and Teams. 

Embed HubSpot calls-to-action right into your signature for campaign tracking and management.

Use HubSpot features to make your signature management fast and easy.

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Easily send your Signature code to HubSpot, Gmail and Outlook.

Distribute your team email signatures by API to Google, Gmail and Microsoft Outlook 365, Raw HTML, then copy and paste right into HubSpot for an all-in-one solution that removes the friction in signature change.